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The Farm

We are a family run arable farming business who had always wanted to take the plunge into pumpkins - and we are delighted that we did! Our first PYO pumpkin festival was in 2020 and we couldn’t believe how much people loved coming to our field to choose their own pumpkins! (Even in the rain!)

We grow all the pumpkins ourselves (all 75,000 plants) and also plant and design the layout of the amaze maize. This proved such a popular attraction but people were wanting to eat it thinking that it was corn on the cob (maize looks very similar but would be tough to eat) so in 2022 we planted strips of PYO corn on the cob which were a real hit!

We also have the ever-popular Sunflowers which are also PYO for decorative display or for the seeds to take home and dry to eat or plant and grow your own!

We are so proud of creating a place for families to come and get back to nature – there’s nothing better than letting children run around in a field with their wellies in the fresh air searching for their perfect pumpkin.

Dog Walking

We also run Hedon Secure Dog walking field which is located next to Sandy Bottom. Let your dogs have the freedom of running free in 3.25 acres while you have the peace of mind that they are entirely secure within the 2 metre high fencing which is buried into the ground. For more information and to you’re your exclusive slot please visit our website.

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